We Have Created Professional Payment Gateway Service for Our Online Merchants

TheBestGateway is a space for professionals, in the online payment industry, to work and collaborate together. It is based in the belief that together we can create greater things than we could individually or in isolation.

Bank Accounts for Settlements

TheBestGateway offers EMI bank accounts to accept settlement funds and send funds to suppliers.

Credit card payment solutions

Accepting Visa and MasterCard credit card brands. Offering Virtual terminal from any device. Secure the privacy of your clients credit card details through our PCI DSS credit card payment gateway.

Alternative payment solutions

Expand your operations into additional markets. Reach new customers with our regional payment methods. Connect our local payment methods to accept payments and issue payouts to customers all over the world

Money transfer solutions

Transaction form will be filled by your customers on your website. The funds will be transferred from your client bank account with Paytechno to your selected bank account.

TheBestGateway prepaid card

Open a TheBestGateway prepaid card account with your personal email and password with Pay Techno. Fund the prepaid card account by using one of the following method: money wire, credit/debit card, cryptocurrencies or direct deposit (using western union or postal services). Pay techno Prepaid card with no personal info will be mailed to your selected postal address within 14 business days.

Look Our Best Advantages

Best prices

You can select the payment solutions, which perfect fits to you. at the best price.


You can consult with our payment experts to tailor your payments needs according to your customers geographical presence.


You can use our innovative gateway to generate cascading rules and increase your customers successful transactions.


You can increase your market share by using a variety of our payment methods.

API Library

You get an access to a huge library of our simple APIs for fast and efficient integration.

back office

You get a complete observation of all your clients payment transactions

our features

We Are Here To increase your Productivity.

We are a payment gateway for Credit processing, bank wires and alternative payment solutions. Our merchant  back office offers complete reporting tools to monitor all your payment transactions, from different payment methods.  Our payment gateway is capable to route the payment requests based upon different cascading rules.

Innovative approach

Routing transactions using Bins/countries accepted rules and customers limitation rules. Buying and selling crypto currencies, creating customers e wallets through the block-chain technology

efficient management

Single interface/ dashboard for all payment options. Multi-currency processing and settlements. Virtual terminals and transaction refund option through the merchant's back office.

Top Tier Support

Our support team are always at your service. They help you with any matters with big pleasure.

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